Cover Reveal of ‘Til Barcelona Do Us Part

It’s happening! My first romantic comedy is finally coming out! 🥳

Without further ado, here’s the cover of. . . ‘Til Barcelona Do Us Part.

Click here to pre-order now.

You heard it here first — I’ve stepped it up with the romance in my new novel! 😍
Well, sort of … If you are familiar with my work, you already know there’ll also be plenty of:

  • High drama!
  • Hilarious situations
  • Over the top humour
  • Messy (yet lovely) characters

However, this time I’ve listened to my readers and there’s more amore and (yes) I’ve also added some sexy steamy moments between our love-birds, Matteo and Erik 🔥. You know, because summer is coming and it’s been a LONG year in lockdown.😉

‘Til Barcelona Do Us Part is out on May 14 but you can pre-order now on Amazon. Click here.

I can’t wait for you to read this new adventure in the “Give The Gays What They Want” series. 👬🌈

Happy reading!

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