7 Gay Movies You Need to Watch


I have to admit I am not a huge fan of movies where the main plot is the struggle or issues of being gay. I rather prefer stories in which the protagonists live all kinds of human situations and just happen to be gay. The movies in my list share this characteristic: they tell stories of love, sorrow, self-discovery and everyday battles.

Call Me By Your Name luca guadagnino

A summer romance with the young sexy academic helper of your father in Italy surrounded by ‘80s music? Yes, please. Everyone that has been secretly in love with a teacher, family friend or anybody during their teenage years knows what I am talking about. The whole experience is just evoking: two yummy protagonists (twink Elio and hunk Oliver), a beautiful setting, great music and ton of ‘sexy’ innocent situations. The book that has inspired the movie has been at the top of the Gay Fiction novels for months.

A Single Man tom ford

When I grow up, I want to be like George: mature, handsome, well positioned, intelligent, Tom Ford-elegant (those YSL glasses!) and with Julianne Moore as my best friend. Sure. The only problem is, George feels lonely and can’t forget his lost love. Even supermodel Jon Kortajarena (one of the sexiest men on earth) can’t cheer him up. This is a story of lost, yet also a journey to self-discovery and self-love. This marvellous adaptation directed by the designer mentioned above is marvellously crafted in a beautiful and melancholic cinematic experience with all the glamour of LA in the ‘60s.

Velvet Goldmine todd haynes

Glam. The ‘70s. Rock and Roll. This is not strictly a gay movie, but mostly a movie about fucking life, with lots of sex, drugs and glitter. You’ll find smoking hot and very young Ewan McGregor and not less desirable Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the role of two rock stars in this psychedelic fantasy that it’s supposed to be a biography of the most intense years of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. This shock for your senses was directed by the very queer Todd Haynes (check his other movies Far from Heaven and Carol) and has a role for the diva Toni Colette.

La Ley del Deseo pedro almodóvar

I am a HUGE Almodovar fan. His characters, female, male and in-between, are fascinating. This is a hidden gem from his early years that you can’t miss. It’s hard to believe that this film was released in theatres in the late ‘80s: escándalo! It contains not only homosexuality, male nudity, hot sequences, a trans protagonist (bigger than life, don’t miss the scene with the hosepipe) and cruising, but it’s also an amazing story that contains (a lot of) drama, comedy and mystery. And all very extra. There’s romance, yeah, albeit a very dark one. Ah! And a very hunky young Antonio Banderas. This fact alone should motivate you to watch this film.

Weekend andrew haigh

You know a sexy stranger in a dark room and your connection doesn’t end with the sex, but you spend a whole weekend together that will change your lives forever. OK. Call it an urban legend, but why not? A gay can dream. This is a gay Lost In Translation meets Before Sunrise. The chemistry between the characters is excellent and at the end of the movie, you just wish that this would happen to you.

Brokeback Mountain ang lee

This classic can’t be missed in this list. Bromance turned into forbidden love in the most unexpected setting: Wyoming! The actors do an amazing job, including the wife, who lives the worst nightmare of the modern straight woman and the setting makes you feel like selling your stuff and moving to the mountains. It’s a beautiful and sad tale of two very masculine men trapped in their lives and conventions. Prepare your tissues.

Love, Simon greg berlanti

First love and sexual confusion. This is the story of the life of many of us, right? I remember during my high school years being very frustrated about not living my first relationship as my other fellow girlfriends were. But this was back in the ‘90s, so things have changed, and thanks to movies like this, young gay men can live their sexuality in the early years and have a normal love life development. This is a sweet, lovely and refreshing take on the first love, with great friends and music. Don’t miss it!

These are some of my favourite gay movies. What are yours?


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