The guys from UnFriendzoneMe are back!

Two more free short stories are waiting for you.

If you have read my novella UnFriendzoneMe (available on Amazon or free by subscribing to my email list) and fallen in love with its characters, don’t miss these two new short stories that tell you a little bit more about Matteo and Alistair, Harry’s best friends. In these new adventures you will get to have an insider’s view of Matteo and Erik’s relationship during a chilly morning in London’s hottest place to meet guys while, at the same time, Alistair tries to keep his crush on Tanner, his sexy and very straight coworker, under control. As always, both stories are full of funny situations. For more information about how to get them click on the link below.

Click here to get your Free copy of Promance and here for your copy of Cruishing.

And to listen to music that has inspired me while creating these stories visit my Spotify!

Cute songs about forbidden platonic love with a sexy touch.

A London morning cruising with your CRUSH in a swimming pool!

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