Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s Love Time!

My first Christmas short story is out!

Have you ever had a bitch of a boyfriend who seemed to love you more for what you could do for him rather than for who you were?

For this short story, that takes place in London during the night before Christmas, I got inspiration from a demanding ex-boyfriend I had, who gave me a whole list of items he wanted for Christmas . . . and still left me afterwards. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have taken it, but I was a fool in love. However, I learned my lesson: no more Gifts lists. In the case of Simon, the protagonist of this short story, things get worse as he still has to buy the last and most important item of a very long list his boyfriend has given to him: the latest overhyped fragrance for men, and current biggest gay obsession. He unsuccessfully runs all over town like a crazy man, and thinks that he has to face another of his boyfriend’s tantrums. But a sweet surprise awaits him . . . in the form of a sexy shop assistant.

Love at First Spray is a funny, romantic and cosy gay Christmas short story about finding love in the most unexpected place; and it is available (for FREE for a limited time!) on Amazon. Happy Christmas!

Click here to get your Free copy of Love at First Spray.

Check out the Spotify Playlist link below and listen to music that has inspired me while writing Love at First Spray.

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