Here’s the cover of Gaynfluencer!

It’s been a long road to get here, but finally my new novel is ready, and I’m very excited to share the cover of Gaynfluencer!

I know you’ve missed the gays of UnFriendzoneMe and I’m Going to Give the Gays Everything They Want (I’ve missed them too!) so here is the third book in the Give the Gays What They Want series, with new characters, more crazy humour, over the top situations, and many other surprises!

Are you ready?

Click here to pre-order now.

What you’ll find in Gaynfluencer

  • Over the top humour
  • More messy situations
  • High drama
  • Political intrigue (I never thought I would write about this, but here it is!)
  • Cattiness
  • Illegal gay drugs 🙀
  • Mucho Escándalo!

What! Do you need more drama?

No problem, I will serve it to you thanks to these new quirky characters that will make Harry’s life a little bit more … interesting

Oliver, the respected Author

Oliver is all Harry has ever wished for; a highly respected author specialising in LGBTQ injustices. Little does Harry know, Oliver also seems to want something he has … great friends and a lovable sexy boyfriend …

Troy Ashton, the Gaynfluencer

A hero for the LGBTQ community after having founded the #HeToo movement and the most followed gaynfluencer in the country, Troy is now running to be the youngest (and gayest) major for London ever. Everybody loves him … except Harry, who seems to be the only one who can see his true, evil personality.

Morgana, the has-been C-lister

Former A-list socialite turned into reality show celebrity, Morgana is always seeking the spotlight—at all cost. Trying too hard to gain the gays’ attention, she hangs on Troy’s fame becoming his official fag hag, which turns Harry into her worst enemy …

And more!

Gaynfluencer is out on June 27 but you can pre-order now on Amazon. Click here.

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