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You have a private invitation to the mostexclusive men’s club: Club Brando. Join Lee on an adventure to the unexpected side of London night.

Have you ever been stood up on a dating app date? Me: a couple of times, and believe me, it’s not the nicest feeling in the world. Same thinks Lee, the protagonist of Club Brando, who after waiting alone in a gay bar for AlphaLondon34 to show up, finally decides to call it a night and go home. This is not until a sexy executive invites him to the very legendary and exclusive men’s club Brando. Lee cannot believe his luck! He is already thinking about the jealousy he will provoke on his best friend . . . but little he knows; the night will not turn out as he expected.


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For this story, I took inspiration from a rumour that was circulating some time ago in London about a party that changed location every time, very exclusive, where you could only access via private invitation. Apparently, organizers just wanted hot people there, so they scanned Facebook profiles of “gay” people (that’s very LOL, I admit) and sent them invitations. I never found out whether that was true, but I found fascinating the idea of a secret gay club because . . . who doesn’t like to belong to something exclusive?

Club Brando is a fast-paced and funny short story, a ride to the “wild side” for a character who is not very comfortable living a little adventure (don’t miss his mum’s safety advice!). I hope that you fall in love with Lee as much as I did and have fun with that ride of a night, he is about to be immersed in. Cheers!


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