Cover Reveal!

I’m excited to share the cover of my new novel I’m Going to Give the Gays Everything They Want with you!

Are you ready?

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The rumours are true! The guys from UnFriendzoneMe are back with a very special guest: pop icon and gay diva Paulina Dieckman. Yes, that Paulina, the one everybody is talking about. She will join Harry, Matteo, Alistair and Erik in an adventure full of humour, love, and drama.

I am trying out something new here – gay fiction meets chick lit!

So how does it sound to you?

In this story I’m living my fantasy of mixing two of my favourites genres: gay fiction and chick lit! You will find:

  • Humour
  • DRAMA (after all, Paulina is a star in telenovelas!)
  • Love
  • OTT funny situations
  • More humour
  • A star hitting rock-bottom
  • Friendship and…
  • Troubles!

Let me explain this last point:

Pop Latina icon Paulina (you’ve probably been wondering where has she been for the last few years!) is preparing for her big come back when she experiences the humiliation of her life, as one of her most embarrassing (and low) moments is exposed live on national TV. She escapes from the press with the help of Matteo, make-up artist and hopeless romantic, who takes her to his friends’ apartment where she hides, waiting for the storm to pass. Paulina is sure that her career is over; she feels utterly shamefaced, defrocked, and doesn’t want to go back to the real world (she becomes quite addicted to Oreos too). But soon she realises that she is not the only one whose life is a mess. Her new friends have their own problems to deal with:

–    Harry, unpublished writer and unemployed waiter, thinks that his boyfriend Will wants to break up with him, until he finds out that the truth is even worse … Will proposes! 😲

–    Alistair is a tech genius, but as intelligent as he is, he lets himself be taken advantage of by his co-worker Tanner … a lot. Love is blind, and Tanner … is straight. 💔

–    Matteo is still waiting for his Prince Charming, but he only picks assholes. That includes his hunky friend Erik, who is a successful lawyer, but also emotionally unavailable, cocky, and tries to hide his bisexuality from his controlling mother. 😭

Are you looking for more drama?

Well, there’s a new character that I can’t reveal yet, but will turn the life of one of our guys upside down …

I’m Going to Give the Gays Everything They Want will be released on June 6th, but you can pre-order now for 0.99 (price will go up to 2.99 after the release!). Click the here to pre-order now.

New Free Short Story

In the meantime, you can check out my new free short story Cruishing, in which Matteo goes Cruising with his Crush, Erik, with funny results. You can get it for free on Amazon now.

Click here to get your Free copy of Cruishing.

Cruishing includes a sneak peak of I’m Going to Give the Gays Everything They Want … so don’t miss it!

And very soon, I will be releasing another free short story, this time starring Alistair! I love these guys so much that I can’t stop creating stories for them (and putting them in trouble LOL).

Check out the Spotify Playlist link below and listen to music that has inspired me while writing I’m Going to Give the Gays Everything They Want.

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