From Friends to Lovers…  and Back


Harry feels cheated by life. At his 30s, he’s not exactly the successful author with an amazing relationship he was supposed to be. On the contrary, Harry’s just lost the love of his life, is unemployed and lives in his best friend’s small apartment.

At least he still has his friends to keep him sane. Their latest plan to stop him running back to his cheating ex is the newest dating app UnFriendzoneMe.

However, Harry’s got no real interest in the ‘no strings attached’ hunks on a dating app. He’s got a plan to get to his ex, and he will not let his friends stop him.

After a chance encounter with ‘nice guy’ Will in a lift, Harry sees a way to make his plan work. Except maybe, what he thought he wanted isn’t what he wants anymore.

Now, Harry’s stuck in the infamous FRIENDZONE with Will. The question is: is either of them interested in more than a friendship?


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Four short stories: Sophistication, Intrigue, Surprise!


Welcome to the Caval’s world, filled with charming men, sparkling romance and humorous adventures.

Two strangers forced to spend time together in a foreign city. One of them harbors a secret that could make their stay a lot more interesting . . .

The CEO of the most important queer publication in the Big Apple and his ex-best friend and ultimate fag hag social media guru start their final catfight in a story full of glamour, back-stabbing and juicy gossiping.

A single New Yorker agrees to a dating game that puts him in the arms of the man of his dreams. What could go wrong? A lot, apparently. He is whisked into an adventure that quickly turns from fun . . . to deadly.

Two cousins unravel the mysterious inherence that their Auntie has left them . . . but before that, they must deal with their feelings and get over their past.

PLUS, a Bonus Story: Club Brando. The Initiation.

Andropology AmazonAndropology Goodreads